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Spinning wheel sterling silver charm .925 x 1 Sewing charms EC614
Spinning wheel sterling silver charm .925 x 1 Sewing charms EC614

How To Pay

We accept many different cards securely online.

Please note that as of the 1st October 2014 we will no longer accept payment by telephone.  We CAN assist with creating orders and CAN send links to securely pay by card.
The Classic Paypal used by millions of people.
Cheques & Postal orders in Pounds Sterling from UK banks - Post Offices

If you are searching for some information about dispatch times or what is silver try pressing control <Ctrl> F. This will usually start you browsers find function dn you can look for certain text.

Q. Is this product in stock?

A. The quantities shown as Available is the quantity we actually have ready for you to buy.  We dont show a false value and then order.  If an item shows as out of stock we are out of stock but if you email us we can give you and idea of when it will be back and if you would like we can automatically email you when it has been restocked.

Q. Do you do discounts?

A. Sorry these are the lowest prices we do on our website.  Some are very different to ebay and some theres only a slight difference.  The only other discount that we class as TRADE but anyone can use is if you have 10 - 19 items in your basket and select SPECIAL DELIVERY or International Signed for it will automatically give 10% discount.  If you have 20+ items in your basket and select SPECIAL DELIVERY it will automatically give 20% discount.  The 2nd discount is only available to UK delivery address's.

Q. Some of the pictures are missing how can I see the item.

A.  Please let us know what item it is and we will update the images. 

Q. I'm not happy who do I contact?

A. We're sorry your unhappy. We do try extremely hard to make sure evrything runs smoothly and most of the time it does.  Problems do occur rarely.  Please contact us either online via the contact us or phone 01621 858812 or email

Q.  I see a charm in silver that I would like in gold. Can you do it or have you got it.

A.  The charms with a code prefix EC PJ BJ we can get as at least 9ct yellow gold some 14ct and 18ct.  The time tends to be about 2 weeks but as it gets closer to Christmas this period can be longer.  Some other charms it would be possible for us to get made specially please let us know the prodcut code and we can make enquiries.

Q. Why isn't my item hallmarked?

A. This question is something we get asked a lot. 

********** FAQ START HALLMARKING ************************
** Please note the below is based on UK (English) Law and may not be the same in your own country **
Some items are exempt from hallmarking.
If an item is under these weights they DONT have to be hallmarked.

1 gram for gold, 0.5 grams for platinum and 7.78 grams for silver.
The manufacturers dont tend to unless they have to as it costs extra money and takes extra time.

Although the items maybe exempt from hallmarking they still have to be as described otherwise this breaks the trades description act and the UK law
Eg you cannot describe an item as 9 carat gold when it is actually gold plated or you cant describe an item as sterling silver when it is 800 standard silver.

All the suppliers we deal with are very particular about hallmarking when needed, as they dont want to be breaking the law.  Mistakes do sometimes happen but due to the legal implications this is VERY rare.

The item still has to be as described.
If an item is described as Silver it has to be at least 800 parts of pure silver per 1000 parts
If an item is described as Sterling Silver it has to be at least 925 parts of pure silver per 1000 parts
If an item is described as Britannia Silver it has to be at least 958 parts of pure silver per 1000 parts
There is also an extra mark 999 which is for 999 parts of pure silver per 1000 parts

There are other exemptions but this can be very complex. For more information about English hallmarks you can start with the Birmingham assay office
********** FAQ END HALLMARKING ************************

If at the end of this you find you item should be hallmarked and is not please let us know.  Problems rarely occur re hallmarking but it has been known.  Lastly many people are reassured by a '925' mark or 'sterling' mark it is not proof that an item is silver as ANYONE and I mean anyone is able to buy a 925 stamp and stamp literally anything.  A hallmark is a set of stamp or laser marks on an item and their use is restricted to the assay offices or hallmarking offices in the UK.  To learn more about HALLMARKING visit as a start.

Q.  Can you put charms on a bracelet for me.?

A.  Yes and yes its free.  At the end of your order you will be able to enter notes. If you would like charms attached to a bracelet or chain necklace please put the information in there and we will do it.  Pleae note we do not have soldering facilities.  When we put charms onto a bracelet they are joined only. The most secure way of putting a charm onto a bracelet is to have them soldered which is usually best carried out by your local jeweller.

Q.  Do you engrave.

A. Sorry no we do not have engraving facilities.

Q.  Do you solder.

A. Sorry no we do not have soldering facilities.

Q.  I have received something different to what I ordered. What happens now.

A.  Sorry.  Although it's very rare we do make mistakes.  Please contact us and let us know whats gone wrong.  The last thing we want is to lose a customer.  We want you to be happy so  you will come back and recomend us to your friends and family.

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Pool Snooker Table sterling silver charm .925 x 1 charms CF2951

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